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    Top 10 Things to Know Before Going to the University of Toronto.

    Big school. Big choice. Great opportunities …

    I have asked three current or former students at the University of Toronto to collect a short list of things that a 12th grade student should know before accepting their offer U out of T. I went through the answers of these star students to get the best or the most repetitive advice.

    There are two things I hope you get from this list:

  • A short picture of a variety of experiences at school. |.
  • Some clarity about whether this school is right for you …
  • I know the Pupils.

    1. There are 3 campuses …

    First of all, know which campus you’re talking to. Some programs are offered only on some campus, so be sure to check which program you are using!.

    To summarize each of them quickly: in the center of St. Georgy Kampus is a huge population and large size. UTM (Mississippi) is elegant, elegant and has a stronger community/university feeling than the other two. The UTSC (Scarborough) has been christened \””high school\””, since most of it is related to the ground (which is a blessing in winter) ..

    2. The college system is an excellent way to find a community in a huge institution ..

    The unique system of college in U T creates space on campus for university students to meet through social events, academic seminars and additional circulars. The main goal of the colleges is to become one of many places where students can get to know new people and gain additional academic support.

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    3. Yes, you can replace …

    I lived in Brampton, and every day I had to go to \””T\””. It was two hours a day, and I got three modes of transport. It’s gonna be a challenge, but don’t let it keep you from going there …4. You can adapt to your own interests …

    U of T is unique in its academic planning that you do not sink into a certain area of learning in the first year, that is, you have the possibility to take the breadth of courses from numerous departments before choosing your program for the second year!

    I really wanted to know more about my Assyrian background. Fortunately, the department of the Near and Middle East organized a course on \””History of Syrian Christianity\””, \””

    \””.5. Your first classes are likely to make you cry, so get yourself a box of tissues ..

    On the first chemistry test, I got a 23% cut. I was devastated, and the professor told me I had to give up the course. I didn’ t listen, and on my next trial, I doubled my class to 46%! This is not the end of the world-you can bring your variety up.

    6. If you are struggling with your estimates, there are tools that will help you …

    So, you took the class that thought you loved, but now he looks like a GPA-ruiner. U T has a \””credit without credit\”” (CR-NCR) option for optional courses. There is a time to declare a NCR course, but if you cannot complete your medium term and you need to restore this value, this is a great option \””call a friend\””. If you selected a class for NCR, your class will show either a skip or an unsuccessful (non-interest) ..

    7. The Library System (literally) is one of the best in North America ..

    U T has a third best library system in North America, where only Harvard and Yale. You will not understand how long it will be before your second or third year, but you have access to any book, article, magazine, film or newspaper you have ever had. If one of the many libraries of U of T has a book, it can be delivered to the library nearest you for three days, free of charge ..

    8. The Fitness programs and the gums are terrific.

    While most schools have modern fitness centers, U T has several. Whether it is a fitness guru or you try to do a week of purpose, you can choose the fitness room which has the right of Vibe for you. Hart House is less \””intense\”” and more friendly for newcomers! In addition, it is in the cool old building and has a pool with hatches and is open up to 10pm! The night swim with the friends under the city lights is exactly right. In addition, each of the fitness centers has classes and programs that are paid for by your student fees.