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Hello my fellow Game Changer,

In case you were not aware, the story of Game Changers was born out of frustration for not being able to get my brands name out there in a way which I deemed to be effective.

Like yourself, I took daily calls from well-meaning salespeople from the ‘leading’ online websites to advertise my brokerage. Their long diatribe often laden with the promise of endless clients and all the untold wealth that this brings.

For this pleasure all I would have to do is pay for a massively overpriced banner, or tens of thousands of Dollars for a booth at an expo. The results as we both know are negligible at best!

I knew there had to be another way to produce tangible results. From this the Game Changers brand was born.

As someone who worked in FX sales from selling $25 USD retail accounts, all the way to selling institutional solutions to banks and Hedge Funds. I found the first question a prospective client asks you is ‘Who are you?’. You can neutralise this by lifting your brands profile to the people who make the decisions.

Prospective clients love to hear your personal journey and what drives your brands message. Don’t fall for the trap of paying tens of thousands of dollars for an advertising banner that has a slim chance of any long lasting results.

As we all know every sale is made based on rapport. Game Changers is such a powerful client rapport building tool. Your new potential clients can build that rapport before contact is made by hearing your story.

Trying to get your message across has never been harder, and a new path has to be followed to get your voice heard!

Let’s change the game together …

Paul Orford.

Editor In Chief,
Game Changers.
Magazine & GCTV.

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