Interview with Takeshi Saito, Japan’s go-to tech man outlines his new venture and how he sees the market evolving.

Q | Can you give us a brief outline of your experience?

I started my career at Barclay Bank Tokyo Forex Option Desk and then moved after some years to Bloomberg Trade Book Securities as an eCommerce Sales Executive. I then worked for 2 Japanese local Forex brokers as a dealer and then established my own business company TS Consulting Japan Co., Ltd.

Q | What motivated you to begin Aurora?

As a business consultant, I was helping some HFT Hedge Fund clients before starting the AURORA project. With its knowledge and my past experience as a trader and dealer at financial institution, we built up a prototype system for our own trading purpose. However, the more we upgraded it deeply, the more I began to feel I wanted to provide this great system to other Forex Players as I strongly believed it had lots of solutions for trading and dealing that no one had ever provided before, and finally, the AURORA was born.

Q | Are you looking to just focus on the Japanese market?

No, I am targeting global markets including Japanese brokers. I hope to meet as many brokers as
possible, present the beauty of AURORA to them, and start talking for the future.

Q | In a crowded technology market, how do you differentiate with your competitors?

Our biggest advantage is our Team Member, Managing Director; Takeshi Saito and five other talented IT Engineers in each specialist field. We all have a sophisticated IT Technology and long-term Experience in the Financial Industry. All of our team members understand well what they develop and even create further and better. Never lost where they stand as patch-work, then we can always listen to our clients’ voice and reflect something into our product with amazing speed much more than they expected. Not only sincere Customer Support, but also such Speed or Flexibility bring our clients great benefit we considers most
important as; Easier Operation, Cost Reduction, and Revenue Increase. And we could have got a great confidence from our clients. We are here for clients, and the AURORA will never sleep…

Q | When I saw the demo, you are embracing Crypto Currencies. Is this part of your plan for the future?

At this moment, the AURORA is compatible with multi asset classes perfectly; Forex, CFD, Commodity, and Crypto Currency like Bitcoin. And one of the biggest Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Company has
provided unique margin trading service by “MT4 + AURORA” set with many BTCXXX pairs since Aug. 2016 and expanding its business in HK / China through the subsidiary now.

Q | Plans for the future?

The AURORA will grow-up with our clients, we might keep on hearing our clients’ voice and try our best to provide a better service. With the foundation of AURORA technology and experience, now we are preparing for a new service for all brokers. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose its details at this moment, but hope we would present it in near future.

Takeshi Saito, Managing Director Aurora

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  • Takeshi SAITO

    Hello everyone, my name is Takeshi SAITO. I am very pleased our product, AURORA, is featured on GC and thank you so much for your time and attention to AURORA. Should you want to know more details and information about it, please visit our website; https://www.aurora-forex.com and feel free to contact us at any time from query@aurora-forex.com Many thanks!

    • Game Changers

      Mr. Takeshi, It was our pleasure to feature you and your technology in our Magazine and we look forward to the interviews to come in the future.


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