Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and with innovative ideas cropping up left, right and centre it can be difficult for companies to stand out in an already overcrowded market – but that’s certainly not the case for TradeSocio who has significantly transformed the fund management, trading and investment world with the release of technology hub, Alpha Suite. In this exclusive interview, Gamechangers Magazine talks to Tradesocio CTO Wael Salem about Alpha Funds.

Wael- can you give us a brief overview of Alpha Funds- What is it?

Yes sure. TradeSocio’s Alpha Suite streamlines the investment process and provides a new way for investors, money managers, brokers and business introducers ato simplify the investment process. Unlike traditional investment platforms, TradeSocio makes investing accessible, enabling users to invest, diversify their assets and dynamically manage their own risk. With the Alpha Suite, investors can either cherry-pick from a range of investment baskets or elect a fund manager to manage their investments or a master trader to manage their trades.

So, Alpha Funds is your main product?

No, it’s one of four products we offer within the Alpha Suite. These are Alpha Investor, Alpha Business, Alpha Broker and Alpha Funds.

Why is everyone talking about Alpha Funds?

We are happy that everyone is discussing Alpha Funds right now because it is such a relevant product for the 2018 market. On our recent world tour which took in London, Singapore, India and Dubai, it was our most discussed product. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, there’s the benefits for the end user. Technological advances are all well and good, but only if they benefit the end user. At Tradesocio we are all about user functionality and benefits and Alpha Funds really has the edge in this department.

Tell us about the technology behind Alpha Funds?

First and foremost, Tradesocio is a fintech company and our technology teams work tirelessly to innovate for our clients. In recent years, platform limitations have prevented brokers from offering their services to a wide investor pool forcing them to focus on an already exhausted group of FX traders. With Alpha Funds, broker operations are consolidated as all departments can operate on one back-end solution. Not only does this allow for better client management but it also allows brokers to easily target new investors.

Indeed, fund managers and traders can get access to the Assets Under Management (AUM) of the whole Alpha community which in turn makes the trading process slicker, smoother, more refined and less time consuming. This opens up new investment opportunities while sparing the operational resource drag that usually accompanies the on-boarding process. The technical complexity of this platform is undeniable and yet the interface is extremely user-friendly. Indeed, the Alpha Suite, in general, works in the favour of traders providing all relevant information in a clear, concise and hassle-free way.

Can anyone create an Alpha Fund?

Yes. This is an inclusive technology which benefits sole fund managers as well as those working within large organisations. Alpha Funds is free to set up making it easily accessible to new and experienced fund managers.

With Alpha Funds, users also have the freedom and flexibility to set up a trading account either as a Fund Manager or a Professional Trader depending on their personal preference. As the platform can be tailored to match your business model you can choose from a range of different charging options and performance fees.

You can also set your minimum investment amount to align with your business goals. Moreover, with TradeSocio’s Alpha Funds, you can add an MT4 trading account from any broker which again saves time and streamlines the entire process. All account history is imported and analysed on a real-time tick basis and you can choose whether or not you want to share your trading history data with investors.

And then there’s the multiple settings, right?

Right! No two users are the same and we wanted to provide fund managers with a fully customisable interface that will suit their needs. Alpha Funds gives end users a wealth of different options. Firstly, you can decide whether or not to allow users to copy your trades. If you click the ‘yes’ button, the trades you make will be copied to your investors’ accounts based on the ratio of your trading account balance and the size of the individual investor’s allocation. When operating as a Professional Trader, you can charge investors per trade done adding charge subscription fees where necessary. Investors also have the option to close and edit trades from a personal investor.

Alpha Funds really has taken a multi-angle approach to provide fund managers with a user-friendly experience. To top it all off, the platform features an ERP Solution and a Dashboard to help manage your business. This includes a Customer Relationship Management Module which allows traders to monitor and support investors if needs be. Traders can also Request Withdrawals from investors’ custodian brokers via preferred method of payment.

Thanks to the variety of ‘invest settings’ you can also allow other users to invest with your account; again, you have the option of personalising your charges including subscription fees and management fees to suit your business model.

Is it easy to pull off reports?

Yes, it is. We understand the need to easily access data in real time so we have incorporated this feature into Alpha Funds. Real-time reporting can greatly enhance the experience helping fund managers and expert traders to understand and monitor trading behaviours and patterns.

Amongst others, the following are readily available to all Alpha Fund Users:

  • Revenue Reports
  • Practice and Live Reports
  • Investor Reports
  • Trading Reports

Of course, revenue reports provide accurate information without all the fluff helping users to keep track of their finances.

Who would you say is your competition?

TradeSocio is now an established fintech company well known for its diverse range of investment and trading platforms. While companies such as O-Systems offer an advanced user-friendly trading platform and Omega Funds make it possible to trade a wide range of instruments, the Alpha Suite is unique. It builds an online investment community comprised of investors, fund managers, brokers, investment banks and business introducers and offers each user in the community a full technological interface to achieve their objectives and streamline investments.

As Alpha Funds is highly customisable and allows users to approach trading from multiple angles we believe that it stands head and shoulders above the competition.

And lastly, what’s next for Tradesocio?

After a brief rest over the holidays we are gearing up for a highly active 2018 that will see the launch of a new Alpha Suite platform. This will include major releases like the Alpha Mobile Application, MT5 and the launch of the Global Funds platform.

We will also be visiting further countries, attending more great expos and further spreading the word about Alpha Suite. We are also keen to add more partners so we can grow our Tradesocio technology family.


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