An investment fund manager manages funds and investments for his or her clients in order to bring in the highest possible return on their money. They are responsible for managing the funds given to them by clients in an appropriate manner, taking into consideration the client’s tolerance for risk, as well as the client’s eventual goals and future plans. They can also be a precious resource for brokers, investment houses and banks generating extremely high revenues. So, if you want the best fund managers to work with your brand, how do you make it happen? The answer is by implementing the right content marketing.

If you’re good at what you do, you will get noticed. Fact. While Michelin-star chefs wow people with their food and top goal scorers have fans flocking to football games, highly-skilled fund managers with an excellent track record can attract a cult-like following.

Take Warren Buffett, for instance. An American business magnate, investor and philanthropist, Buffett is considered one of the most-successful investors in the world. As Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway he was picking out stocks at 11 years old and now has a net worth of almost $77 billion making him the fourth richest person in the world.

Indeed, his status within the financial sector is so prolific that back in 2016 an anonymous donor agreed to pay £3,456,789 for the privilege of having lunch with the investor.

British fund manager and founding partner of Woodford Investment Management, Neil Woodford, also made waves within the investment sector.

He is perhaps best-known for having delivered market-beating returns year-in, year-out during his 25 year period at Invesco turning £1,000 invested into £25,349 by the time he left.

Very few managers can hold a candle to his record with consistency being crucial in developing the trust of investors.

The best fund managers know the industry inside out and are dedicated to making clients’ money work hard. Their aim is to deliver growth that exceeds interest rates and the overall performance of the fund should justify the risk of investing.

Many investors look closely at who will be monitoring their portfolio before making the next move.

So, what attracts experienced, hard-working and reliable fund managers to fund management and investment houses?

Fund managers like a challenge. They also need to know what they’ll be a part of and therefore exceptional content marketing plays a key role in attracting the best talent. Those with an intricate knowledge like to utilise their abilities, so here’s how to stand out:

Experienced fund managers understand the importance of compliance within the finance sector. They know the regulations like the back of their hand, so if you’re trying to attract fund managers, all marketing materials you release should be honest and transparent – if they’re not, you will instantly create the wrong impression. Top fund managers won’t want to be aligned with misbehaving brokers or investment houses. Hopefully, you’ve already prepared for the updated MiFID II regulations which are now being implemented and are complying with the new rules.

  • Make finance-related promises or guarantees
  • Be overly promotional or biased
  • Offer recommendations
  • Conceal facts
  • Talk about specific investment products without including disclosure statements

When it comes to attracting top fund managers, you have to position yourself as a reputable market player – and this means developing a high-end PR strategy that will ensure you stay ahead of the competition. Why should fund managers come to you? Are your rates competitive? What are your past successes? Proven case studies and statistics will help highlight your past performance and give an insight into previous achievements. By placing high end PRs in reputable media sources, well-read by fund managers, you stand a much better chance of obtaining the best in the biz.

Networking and developing a relationship with investors is a key part of working in finance. The same skills should be applied when attracting fund managers – and that means being seen in the right places. Ideally, you need to catch the attention of those who could add value to your brand and as content marketing is more than just updating your website now and again, you could try:

  • Developing a presence on LinkedIn by posting informative articles/blogs
  • Building your social media following by creating and sharing up-to-date content
  • Interacting digitally with industry leaders and influencers to generate organic growth
  • Following up all forms of communication both on and offline
  • Attending industry-related events with the relevant content marketing materials

If you bring something new to the finance sector, be sure to sing about it. Fund managers are always looking for new opportunities and new areas to invest. Perhaps you are focussing on alternative energies such as wind farms or oil and gas exploration. Maybe you’ve an ethical fund management brief that’ll interest like-minded fund managers? All company goals should be clearly presented through a clear, concise and well-executed content marketing strategy. This is even more essential if you have a unique brand, product or service that requires additional explanation.

If you’re looking for content to attract the best fund management talent, speak to the Contentworks team today!



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