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Interview with CEO Mikael Breinholst Prior to being the CEO of Tradeworks you have had a rich and varied career. Can you outline some of your personal highlights. Before Tradeworks I have been fortunate to work with many talented people in small IT companies as well as global financial institutions. When you work for big […]

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Witnessing Tulip Mania In The 21st Century

Interview with Paul Orford, Head of Institutional Sales, AMB Prime. Are we witnessing the Tulip Mania of the 21st century? May the 17th century tulip mania teach us anything about the recent changes in Bitcoin prices? Paul Orford makes a point on history repeating itself. This is a guest editorial by Paul Orford, Head of […]

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The Cost of Solutions

Interview with CEO Chris Ward 1. Can you give us an outline regarding your professional history? I started with IBM in the very early ‘90s and through the insurance markets moved into financial services in the mid ‘90s. From there I setup a software company supplying exchange connectivity and the very first online CFD trading […]

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Recovering Trust In Digital Currency

Article by CEO, Julian Kramer A currency increasing in value in 200% in about four months and becoming more and more attractive to investors worldwide. Regardless of the size and structure of the country’s economy, for any government in the world this scenario could be hardly achievable. But not for the crypto. On June 12 […]

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The Social Economy Boom
CEO Chris Ward Starhat Solutions

Interview with Co-Founder Kenneth  Bach Can you give us an outline of your background and the  valuable experiences you gained working for industry giant Saxo Bank and with Draupnir Investment Fund. After many years of working within the financial sector for various institutions since the mid-nineties, I saw the need for a medium where […]

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Nice Guys Do Finish First
Monex Office Jeffrey Ng

Interview with Jeffrey Ng If you have ever worked in retail FX and had to cover SE Asia, you would have probably have come up against the behemoth that is Monex Investindo Futures as one of your competitors. Opening in 2000 Monex was one of Indonesia’s first brokerages to offer a retail FX service. Moreover […]

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Bitcoin’s Unstoppable Surge
Bitcoin's Unstoppable Surge

Article by CEO Jonathan Baumgart Bitcoin’s unstoppable surge both this year and in the past month has landed on the radar of just about every financial news source and investor. When compared to other assets, a bet on Bitcoin this year would have yielded a tidy profit. Now the question everyone is asking is whether […]

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