The King of Diamonds

Ever since we’ve launched the IDXUSD price feed, we have seen an uptick in the online presence of “diamond software”. Personally, I take this as a great compliment. It means we have a great product and people are now looking to capitalize on that. I wish them all a lot of success. CEO Ludovic Vuillier […]

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Japan’s New Rising Son

Interview with Takeshi Saito, Japan’s go-to tech man outlines his new venture and how he sees the market evolving. Q | Can you give us a brief outline of your experience? I started my career at Barclay Bank Tokyo Forex Option Desk and then moved after some years to Bloomberg Trade Book Securities as an […]

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If Bots Ruled the World

Head of Institutional Sales, Paul Orford from AMB Prime, talks bots and argues the case for the industry to go further in driving AI development. First featured on Finance Feeds January 23, 2017 Further to FinanceFeeds’ reports about financial services companies increasingly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, whereas human employees are losing their jobs, we continue […]

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The Capital of Technology

Ron Finberg, Capitechs’ Business Development Manager, takes a moment to guide us through MIFID II At Cappitech, they believe in using technology to increase efficiency for financial firms For the Forex and CFD industry, they do this through their Capptivate regulatory reporting platform. Supporting EMIR, ASIC, MiFID and shortly MiFID II, Capptivate processes over a […]

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Super Mario!

The charismatic CEO of Fullerton Markets, Mario Singh, gives us a few minutes of his time for a one – on – one lowdown on his spectacular rise Q | Can you outline to the readers how you got into this industry and how you became not only a hugely popular media figure in Asia but also […]

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A Global Career for a Global Industry
John Baumgart CEO Atomiq Consulting

Jonathan Baumgart is the CEO of Atomiq Consulting, a firm that specializes in literally all the services brokers need to be successful in today’s competitive industry. Atomiq Consulting’s flagship service is IT consultation for MT4 brokers. In addition, his firm can assist brokers with establishing licenses, managing risk, marketing, and introducing new products like social trading […]

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Take That To The Bank
Julian Kramer CEO Offshore Lisence

Earning industry wide respect with his in-depth knowledge of the off shore industry. We find out more about what drives him. Imagine this scenario: You, standing in a compliance office of a major Swiss Forex company as the country’s regulators are forcing the industry to its knees. On the phone you have an American client […]

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The Man with the Golden Touch

Paul Orford meets Julian Elliott for lunch at the Londa Hotel Limassol Cyprus. Having known Julian for quite some time, I thought it would be great to congratulate him on receiving his MBA, and to get an insight regarding his views on the industry, and the exciting future of the world renowned Gold-I technology. Q […]

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Can Machiavelli teach us anything about the workplace?

Participants within modern organizations follow to a large extent the rules outlined by Machiavelli without having ever read his text, argues AMB Prime’s Paul Orford. The name Machiavelli conjures up images of chicanery and gross acts of skullduggery, and has become synonymous with everything that is sly about human behaviour. With many view- ing the […]

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Timur Talks!
Timur Latypoff Take Profit Technology

 As we all know the FX technology world is incredibly competitive with all participants looking for an edge over each other. We met with the CEO of Takeprofit Technology, Timur Latypoff, to discuss his career and how his company has an edge over their competitors. Q | Hi Timur, thanks for taking the time to […]

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